What is Gen Blue?

Last month I was scrolling through my Facebook News Feed instead of finishing up work before heading home. I noticed a post in the Gen Blue Facebook page (a page for Coldwell Banker REALTORS®)  that there were a few spots open for the 2017 Social Squad. Like a baseball hitter with the bases loaded my curiosity was in full swing mode as I scanned the application.  

To be honest my first reaction was a long sigh, after all who likes filling out online applications? After a quick scan of the application I could tell it would take a few minutes to complete except for one item. It was…

Take a look at the agenda for Gen Blue 2017 and come up with a fun/creative way you would explain what Gen Blue is all about to someone who is attending for the first time. Provide a link to whatever you create (video, slideshow, etc) below.

I knew right away anything but a video was out of the question and the ideas were flowing.

For me this was an easy question to answer. We all know Gen Blue is the Annual Coldwell Banker Conference, it’s amazing etc.. But the part that got me were the two words.. “all about”… To me there is no question what Gen Blue is all about. It’s about “The Experience”! I mean it really is a family atmosphere, where you learn from the best in the industry, meet new friends, learn new strategies and tools that will help us and our clients, but all of that is “The Experience”. 

So I started to think Gen Blue is _____.  “Gen blue is like a cup of coffee. I kept trying to think what Gen blue is to explain to someone new… and for whatever reason my mind kept going back to the same thing… Gen blue is like a cup of coffee. Wait coffee?! Yes Coffee!! As most of you know Coffee is basically "REALTOR® FUEL."

And I immediately thought of a few ideas for a video concept. It is not just like a cup of coffee, but it's the experience you have while enjoying that first cup of the morning that makes it so great, like planning your day with your family or enjoying that dark roast brew at the local coffee shop connecting with a friend.

I had the opportunity to attend a conference the following week in California and I made arrangements to meet up with some amazing people that I met at Gen Blue who live near the conference location. So with that in mind, ideas were pieced together and this video was made. 

It may not be an award winning video and like anything it can be tweaked to be made better, but I hope when you watch it you feel “The Experience” what Gen Blue is all about.

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