Social Media when Buying a Home

How can social media help when you’re buying? Simple! It’s about knowledge!! Imagine moving into a home and finding out the previous owners ran a grow op in the house or it was involved in a drug bust or there was a large fire with extensive damage etc... Doing a few key searches in social media can help give you information on the home you are thinking of purchasing! Here are a few tips to help 

  1. Do a Google search of the address prior to making an offer. It might not show anything but a Google search could tell you if the address was used in a local police report or in the local newspapers etc...
  2. Use hashtags on Twitter like the street name/ local parks, restaurants, schools etc.. to find out information about the city and/or area. In larger cities the street name alone may be a great hashtag to see what people are saying about the community.
  3. If you have kids search the local school boards and/or schools to find out in which district the home is located.
  4. Use walkscore or the cities website to see what might be happening or close by in your area such as (weekly farmers markets, special food truck events, parks, trails, landmarks etc…


Social media is one of many tools used in real estate. It's a very quick and easy tool to research some valuable information about the home, amenities and the surrounding area. If you need help finding the right home Contact Me Today!