Realtor 2.0

It was mid-morning several weeks ago and I was feeling like I needed to workout. I wasn't planning on going to a gym or actually doing anything about it to be honest, I simply felt that way that particular morning. So, being the typical social media junkie, I tweeted that I should start morning workouts. Within a few minutes, I received a reply to my tweet from the YMCA St. Catharines and they offered me a free week pass. This, by the way, is offered to pretty much anyone. Knowing that, it still felt nice that they reached out to me. I accepted their offer and started down a path to improve myself. 

Before I started my trial I really felt internally motivated to go and workout and get healthy, not just for me anymore, but for my family and especially my kids. I am a bigger guy, there is no denying that. I know I am unhealthy. I have always hated vegetables, I just can't stand the taste and texture of most of them. I used to say half jokingly and half serious that I would rather live to 60 and be happy, than to live to 80 and be miserable and eat vegetables, etc. But now, having a family and 2 amazing boys, that statement is ridiculous. It's devastating to think of leaving them too early and not being around to enjoy seeing them grow up and start families of their own. My grandparents have passed except for my step grandmother and my parents have had some health issues as well. I know that eating healthy and working out does not guarantee I will live longer but to me it is about more than just postponing death. This step is about improving quality of life, becoming a better person, feeling good about myself, constantly striving to improve, being around for those I love, and most importantly, setting an example for my boys. 

I love golf.. like I really love golf and I am always trying to get better at it. But even the greatest golfers practice over and over again. Why if they are already experts in their field? It's simple, they want to improve and “better” themselves. We can all improve something, even in areas where we already succeed. 

Okay, lets get back to the gym! My first workout (photo below) was, to say the least, awesome! It felt great. I got into a routine with a good buddy who helped me push myself and before I knew it, the workout was over! The next morning (pain!!!!) boy did I feel every muscle I worked out. All day long during work it was a constant reminder of what I had done and the path I had started to follow. It's been a little more than a month and I know right now I am in the honeymoon phase of working out. I love it and it loves me… but I am trying to prepare for the times when I just don't feel like going or tell myself I don't have time. When that starts happening I will be put to the test to see if I can continue on. Sharing this with you is part of the journey. It creates accountability.  

So, while I share with you about myself, I encourage you to do something to better yourself as an individual (outside of your job or career). What can you improve?  Maybe you can join me in working out or take a course on something you have always wanted to. Perhaps it's time to invest more in your marriage or friendships. Take up volunteering or do something as simple as every Monday buying coffee for the person behind you in line at the coffee shop. 

Next month, I'll be back to talking Real Estate. Thank you for allowing me a brief "motivational speaker" moment. Here's to self-improvement! Let's do this!