Parody- I Want It That Way


Dedicated to all my buyers out there. I’ll go to crazy lengths to get you what you want.

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The Full Story

This summer, we were 3 hours into a two day long road trip and the baby hadn’t stopped crying. Then this song came on. The instant I started singing along, he quieted down. When, I stopped, he’d cry again. So, being a great dad, I put it on repeat and serenaded away. Now, we all know I can’t sing, but my wife and older two boys thought it was hilarious that our youngest would only stop crying while I was singing. Anyway, we started playing around with the lyrics a bit and it just sort of worked. So, what started as an attempt at a few minutes of peace and quiet became this- a lighthearted tribute to the dedication between REALTOR and client. Here’s to all my buyers!

Thank You

Nathan Morrissette