iPhone X Review


Explore the new iPhone X with me as I show you some of the hidden features of the new iPhone that will help you be more productive and less frustrated when you start using your phone. With no home button and the new Face ID login this phone has some powerful and extremely fun features to use. 

Apple really hit a Homerun with the size of the phone. It is shorter and slightly thinner than the iPhone7 Plus but it has a much larger actual screen as they really maximized the total screen space. I found it really easy to use and I really enjoyed the size of the device. It has a feeling of substance but does not feel bulky and you no longer feel like you are stretching to reach the top of the screen. A job well done on design. You will notice when side by side the screen of the iPhone X starts at the bottom of the iPhone 7 Plus and goes to the top of the screen. (Photo Below)

The wireless charging is a really nice feature to take advantage of. I enjoyed charging my phone without having to fumble around and plug in a cord. Although a little slower than a wall charge, I expect that over the next year they will improve the wireless charging to be a little stronger. You can find multiple wireless charging devices and cases at the Apple Store or Jump+ if you want to forgo the drive.

I haven't had much time to really see what the camera is capable, but here is a photo I took with the iPhone X and my previous iPhone 7 Plus from the exact same spot and same setting. I made no edits to either photo. Comparing the two photos what I really notice is the lighting and colour. The Iphone X seemed to have captured more colour on the table top yet still showing quite a bit of light. Where I really notice the difference is the Starbucks Cup. If you look closely at the White on the cup it is clear that the white has more pop or actual white with the iPhone X. Also the blue column behind the cup really shows the lighting difference between the two phones. The field of view is pretty much the same (although the iPhone X photo is shifted ever so slightly to the right because of the location of the camera on the device. 

Phone 7 Plus

iPhone X

I also really recommend two things when you purchase an iPhone X.

1. A case- The back and front of the phone is glass so make sure you get some protection on the device. I also really like the way the camera seems to be protected with the Apple Leather Case. It makes me feel a little better when setting the phone down.

2. Apple Care- Normally for warranty I say its your call on if you want to be cautious and get the warranty or live in the wild west and roll the dice and see what happens without. But I have heard rumours on pricing to replace the iPhone X should something happen to your phone and if you do not have coverage you may wish you did. 

The Animoji is one of the features that at first makes you laugh, but then you quickly realize how awesome it really is. It uses the face id to track your face movements and animates your face over a few animals to make sending a voice note or a recording (See photo below)  that much more fun and unique. I mean who doesn't want to send a message to someone as a Unicorn? 


Summary of the iPhone X

I am really impressed and excited to keep using this device. I can't get over how the size of the phone is a larger screen but a smaller device and much easier to use than the iPhone 7 Plus. The animoji feature I believe is the start of using the face id in applications and I do not think it will be long before Apple releases more options and expands in that area. The Face Id was really easy to set up, so much easier than the old fingerprint that you needed to set up for each finger and rotate it around multiple times etc.. Its also really cool unlocking your phone without a code or fingerprint and it worked really well even at night with no lights on, inside or outside, I have not had any issues with it. Wireless charging is great to have and works really well even with the case on. I suggest a case for your iphone and apple care as the iphone is glass on the front and back and you may want to protect your investment. I think Apple feels the same was as they launched more cases with this launch. They added a new Leather Folio Case that wakes and sleeps the phone when you open and close it.

iPhone X for Real Estate

So how does this new device apply to the real estate world? I think if we focus on the productivity aspect of the device it will show how this can be applied to our everyday use as a REALTOR®.

The Face Id will do this! Think about meeting a client and trying to multi task at a showing with unlocking a lockbox, carrying some paperwork, holding the screen door open only to realise the lockbox code is in your phone and you need to unlock your device. Being able to unlock it without having your finger in a certain spot (home button) is really a great feature. I also believe the wireless charging is a feature many of us will take advantage of as we sometimes forget to bring the dreaded cable or "cube" and we are always looking to charge our devices. Having these around the office and at home will really give us the chance to have our iphones topped up at all times. 

The camera is also an upgrade so for those that use your iphone for listing photos, or just like taking great photos and video this will be an upgrade over the previous camera. The front facing camera got a great boost so that means taking selfies and or shooting video will be better quality. Hooray for those that like Instagram Stories and Facebook Live! But lets all get on the same page and make sure if you use the camera for listing photos that you make sure you are not in the mirror when taking the photo. 

The animoji may not be a feature created for real estate but think about negotiating a deal with a colleague and sending them an animoji rather than a text or phone call? 

Joking aside, it comes down to technology being a vessel for us to leverage to be more efficient which in turn makes us more productive for our clients, family and friends, it allows us to be "on point" and "on our jobs" at a much higher level when we can use the technology to streamline the everyday function. 

The phone is the most important tool in the REALTORS® toolbox, which is why it is important to make sure you have the right tool that will work for you. 

Nathan Morrissette