First Day Of School

A few weeks ago it was my eldest son's first day of school. He's only 3, in Pre-Kindergarten and only attending a half day, but it was still school. Besides the thought of “is he too young?” in my head for the weeks prior to his first day, I was also thinking of my clients. I couldn't help but compare starting school with buying Real Estate. 

Prior to his first day of school, my son had no idea what school was going to be like except from what my wife and I had told him. He also trusted us to drop him off, assure him he would be fine during school, and that one of us would pick him up after school was over. It all started months prior as we had talked to him about school, showed him some activities he might play (we had purchased new clothes and supplies, my wife worked with him on the alphabet and taught him how to trace and she let him help pack his lunch and I worked on perfecting his recess & lunch skills) and prepared him for what he was about to experience. A great leader & friend who I worked closely with in my college days used to say (over and over I might add) “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” and while this applies to all aspects of our life, it is extremely important in Real Estate. 

Entering the Real Estate market is much the same as starting school. Buying a home starts long before you move in and even before you see the house and submit an offer. You need to plan. First time home buyers especially benefit from having someone to prepare them ahead of time and let them know what to expect at a home inspection, or how to obtain proper financing, what can or will happen while negotiating a deal, what you should do when going to see homes that are for sale etc.. Having a Realtor will help you prepare and make the experience a positive one. My job extends beyond just listing homes for sale and negotiating offers. Much of my time is spent walking my clients through all of these details. I want my clients to enter the market prepared and confident, so their experience with home ownership is a success. 

My son did not cry and he had a great time at school and even asked why he had to go home instead of staying for lunch and nap time with his new friends. The result was a success! If you're considering taking that step towards your "first day" as a homeowner, call a Realtor. We are here to help you plan and guide you through a sometimes intimidating process.