DIY- Power Washing with Nathansells

An easy way to make your fence look new again is to power wash the older fence. This will immediately bring the fence back close to the original color and give the fence and even the yard a fresh new look. 

All you need is a pressure washer and some time. It’s an easy way to transform the space and even add some money to the bottom line if you are thinking of selling or just want to increase the value of your home by making your fence look less tired and more attractive. It can also help you when buying as you may not like the look of the fence at the house you would like to buy and may be able to pressure wash it to give it a fresh new look rather than replace it.

You may want to add sealer or stain after to help protect the wood as the pressure washer can remove some of the surface of the wood.  This project is truly an easy and affordable way to transform the fence and instantly have the wow factor.

It is also a good idea to power wash your fence on a regular basis (once a year or two) to help keep it looking new.